Jim Portillo

Jim Portillo smiling

Jim Portillo, Board Member

Email: portillo.jim@gmail.com

 I found the National Federation of the Blind while in High School. The NFB greatly added to a solid life foundation that I already had thanks to my family and good teachers in school. Even though I’ve been blind since birth, there was never any question about whether or not I’d have a successful life. The NFB shared our philosophy regarding blindness. Through many of their leaders, I received exceptional mentorship from positive blind role models who pushed me to leave my comfort zone and go beyond what I thought I could. I attended an NFB training center, where I received intensive training in the skills of blindness. Those skills and confidence I received helped me finish college and obtain employment in the field of Rehabilitation, where I am now helping new generations of blind people build a good and positive life foundation for themselves.
The NFB continues to remind me that through mentorship, education, and collective action, the lives of all blind people (mine included) can be greatly improved to the point where we are free to fulfill our dreams and live a full and wonderful life.