Chris Higley

Chris Higley smiles with reddish brown hair in half up hairdo wearing a black top with an off-white cardigan with big pink and peach flowers with leaves Wearing a long gold necklace.

Chris Higley, Board Member


I'm a cradle NFB'er. You see, my journey with the NFB started at birth. Being part of such a great organization my whole life has taught me a number of valuable lessons. I grew up believing blindness is just a characteristic. It's only a part of the things that describe who I am and who I want to be.

One of the many things I’ve learned from the NFB has been to reach for your dreams. This mindset led me to become a Medical Assistant. While my journey was very challenging as I was the first low vision person in the northwest to pursue this degree. I knew I had learned the tools needed to advocate for my needs. I’ve learned the importance of advocacy. I’ve seen how much change can happen when people work together. I believe that with continued education, mentorship, and advocacy the lives of the Blind will not only improve, but ensure we can live the lives we want!