There are barriers to full participation in society by the blind. The National Federation of the Blind stands ready to help blind people overcome these barriers when collective action is necessary. The National Federation of the Blind of Washington is committed to assisting blind Washingtonians to overcome barriers which limit their participation as full citizens.

  • A blind day care worker is told that she could not continue in her job because she is blind. The state agency involved changed their policy after the NFB of Washington became involved.
  • A newly blind man is dismissed from a civilian defense department job when it is found that he was legally blind. After a suit is filed the man won his discrimination suit and was compensated with the help of the NFB.

These are just a few of the incidents where the National Federation of the Blind of Washington has advocated on behalf of blind people. Most cases of discrimination are because of a misunderstanding of the capabilities of blind people. If you are in need of advice and/or assistance call the NFB of Washington at (425) 823-6380.